Republic of Ireland
  • Purchase

    Purchase a qualifying Samsung Soundbar between 16.9.20 – 3.11.20 and claim 25% cashback. Get an additional 25% cashback when you also purchase any Samsung TV.*

  • Wait

    Wait 30 days from the purchase date.

  • Claim

    Submit your Claim and provide proof of purchase when prompted. Claims must be made within 60 days of making your purchase.

  • Reward

    Receive cashback worth up to 50% of the price paid for your Samsung Soundbar within 30 days of validation.

* Receive cashback worth 25% of the price paid when you purchase a qualifying Samsung Soundbar; increase to 50% of price of Soundbar if you purchase an additional Samsung TV. TVs must be purchased at the same time or within 45 days of your Soundbar and from the same participating retailer to be eligible. Full Terms and Conditions apply, as detailed on the Terms page of this site.

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